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First published: March 12, 2018



A number of Sake varieties, ranging from Honjozo to Ginjo and Daiginjo,
go well with creamy, sweet oysters.
In particular, the ideal accompaniment is a crisp, refreshing Sake,
as its dryness fully draws out the umami and mineral flavour of the oysters.
Sushi employs a variety of fish, covering everything from the light to the richly flavoured,
so suits pairing with a richly fragrant Sake of just the right level of sweetness.
It also harmonises with the vinegar-flavoured umami of the sushi rice
to create flavours that complement and overlap in a deeply satisfying way.
A light type of sparkling Sake with soft bubbles that lightens
the oil in the fish and chips while blending with the mineral umami of the fish.
Add extra depth to the flavours with some tartar sauce.
Enjoy a harmony of umami, sweetness and salt!
A great pairing that contrasts the strong saltiness of the ham with a rich, sweet Sake.
Combined with the clean aftertaste of a mellow Sake,
the fats of the ham melt away with sensuous delight.
The Sake also draws out the salty, umami flavours of the ham.
The umami of Sake rich in amino acid is a stunning match for cheese, another food rich in umami.
Rich cheeses such as mature cheddar, parmesan and blue cheese
should be paired with an aged Sake that offers a full, nutty aroma.
The robust sweetness and lasting reverberations of an aged Sake enhance the umami of the cheese,
which deepens the flavours of both.
Calamari, made from fried squid, can be paired with a daring, sparkling type of Sake.
The light umami of the squid combines with the rich, bubbly Sake to create complex flavours.
Add a squeeze of lemon onto the calamari for even more refreshment!


Sake brands that go well with in London
Oki Homare Muromachi-no-junmai-shu 90
Oki Homare Muromachi-no-junmai-shu 90
Oki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd
Daruma-Masamune 10yrs
Daruma-Masamune 10yrs
Shiraki Tsunesuke Co. Ltd


Where you can enjoy and Sake in London
Blakes Restaurant
Blakes Restaurant
Fusion Restaurant
Elegant and exquisite menu their Heaven Sake Junmai Daiginjo and Ginjo goes perfectly with Maldon rock oysters. Serves aromatic and clean sake. The Sake adds subtle flavors and the oyster subtly changes the flavor of the sake. The salty oysters have an added sweetness with the dry and clean texture of Heaven Daiginjo and is equally popular with wine and oysters here, as the sake doesnt overpower the wine yet adds a sweet taste. Added to the menu for the amazing pairing with the oysters. Food is delicious and full of nutrients, pride themselves on a great atmosphere and amazing flavours.
Black Roe
Black Roe
Pacific Rim cuisine - Haiwaiian inspired raw fish and seafood
They serve oyster au gratin which is served with parmesan cheese on top, also they offer a sashimi salad with tuna, salmon, avocado, maui and onion salsa. Also they have poke, a yellowtail poke with spicy garlic sauce and a salmon poke with yellow chilli sauce. In terms of Sake, they have 7 kinds, Junmai, Junmai Ginjo and Daiginjo. They also offer a dry and crisp sparkling sake Dewazakura 'Tobiroku', Nigori and a delicious plum sake Umeshu. People enjoy the cloudy Nigori sake with dessert and Junmai Ginjo and Junmai with sushi and oysters as the flavour doesn't overpower the taste of the oysters and cheese.
Filipino and Pan Asian
They have a huge sake menu including a sake tasting set for people new to sake, served in three traditional glasses; Honjozo, Junmai and Daiginjo. Overall, they serve 3 kinds of Honjozo, 3 types of Junmai, 2Junmai Ginjo, 1 Daiginjo, 1 Junmai Daiginjo, 1 Nigori and 3 types of warm sake. In terms of food, their Honey roasted Kobacha pumpkin & buratta is one of their signature dishes, with an asian take on an Italian cheese with crispy tofu, mulled quince, kecap manis and siratcha jelly, Thai sweet basil pesto, black sesame brittle. They also serve seared tuna sashimi with Iberico bellota.
The Rosebery Lounge
The Rosebery Lounge
British (with some asian fusion) & Afternoon Tea
The Rosebery Lounge at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park combines British and Asian elements in their menu. The Miso Cod is marinated in spicy miso and ginger and they also serve a Burrata with air dried heirloom tomatoes, rocket salad, grilled crostini with kalamata dressing. The Mio sparkling sake is popular amongst diners and a great alternative to Champagne and has more flavours. They have an extensive Sake menu which includes Atago no Matsu, Urakasumi, Houraisen, Masakura, Dassai 23, Mio, Shira-kawago, Shiraume Umeshu. Sake such as Urakasumi has smooth flavours and pairs well with a variety of their dishes. Houraisen is also clean, soft and sweet and is popular<strong>.</strong>
Japanese soul food
Asked to take from their menu online &lsquo;Chips (Shake & Season) Traditional chips in a shake &lsquo;n&rsquo; season bag Dashi Salt Chicken Katsu Curry Nori Butter Chilli, Garlic & Parmesan.&rsquo; and a &lsquo;Brie Katsu Double-breaded deep-fried wedge of gooey brie cheese, served with umeboshi-shiso sauce, walnuts andsumac&rsquo;. Manager also explained that they serve a range of different flavoured Sake, including sparkling. Gokai, Shochikubai Taruzake, Mio and Shirakabegura Kimoto Sake
Pan Asian and Italian
Novikov Asian Restaurant Chef Luca Malacarne had provided us with the below quote:"From the minute guests enter the restaurant and see our open kitchen, fronted by a vast display of freshly caught seafood and mounds of enticing vegetables (some from our very own market garden), they know they are in for a unique culinary experience. Behind the scenes we are constantly striving to find new or unusual ingredients and cooking methods to create dishes that will wow our guests and leave a lasting impression. It is hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to, then our creamy wasabi gratinated king crab leg, served in its shell, takes some beating."
La Fromagerie
La Fromagerie
La Fromagerier has 3 distinct & stylish shops with tasting cafes; specialising in cheese, wine & seasonal produce. They have a mail-order service available via their online shop & a wholesale business supplying some of the UK’s best restaurants & bars.
La Fromagerie
La Fromagerie
La Fromagerier has 3 distinct & stylish shops with tasting cafes; specialising in cheese, wine & seasonal produce. They have a mail-order service available via their online shop & a wholesale business supplying some of the UK’s best restaurants & bars.
La Fromagerie
La Fromagerie
La Fromagerier has 3 distinct & stylish shops with tasting cafes; specialising in cheese, wine & seasonal produce. They have a mail-order service available via their online shop & a wholesale business supplying some of the UK’s best restaurants & bars.
European and Asian fusion
Maze by Gordon Ramsey restaurant has sushi platters and a sushi menu for their diners. Very popular and typically paired with either of their two sakes, Akashi tai Honjozo genshu and Daiginjo. Enjoyed by customers due to the light texture and flavour of the sake that compliments the sushi well. They do a beautiful sashimi moriawase with the options of 3 fish or 5 fish and nigiri moriawase with 5 and 7 pieces that is extremely popular and complimented by diners. One customer never ate raw fish and loved it after trying this exquisite Japanese dish.
Chino Latino
Chino Latino
Pan Asian with Latin influences
A few people order sake with cheese and calamari, it's an acquired taste but it is mostly popular with westerners. The locals who come to the restaurant enjoy drinking the sake and the restaurants popularity has only grown. More and more people are coming to try their food and regulars who do choose the sake tend to reorder it as it compliments their quirky dishes. The calamari and cheese are delicious and they are often complimented by guest on their vibrant and creative flavours.


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